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Vigne & Vini

Vigne & Vini is founded on tradition and technology which are its signs of distinction.  Cosmio and Maria Teresa Varvaglione have constructed a team of collaborators dynamic and motivated, giving life to a vineyard inspired by a 3 generation of the Varvaglione family in the wine making sector. Only the best grapes are selected, meticulous control of the processes of vinifcation and a constant search for perfection in cellar techniques.   The winery has two production facilities: the old cellar for making and refining the wines, and the bottling facility.  The winery is ambitious in capturing in a bottle the facination of a culture dedicating itself to the production of wines that are distiinct from convention.  There is a strong focus on using only natives grape varieties with a modern expression of a long tradition inherited.  There is a long growing list of prestiguous awards won. 
Winery is located in the region of Puglia, South Eastern Italy.